Life Unboxed: Thrown Off Path by the Hurricane

So no workouts have happened over the last two weeks – the first week due to a nasty cold that was going around the office; the second due to Hurricane Sandy, who wiped out large swaths of the five boroughs and one New Jersey in less than 24 hours. With trains still not running properly, I’m two weeks without a solid workout and I’m feeling it.

I know that I should continue eating well and working out a bit at home, but staying motivated is a lot easier when your bed isn’t five feet away and you have someone to yell at your to get off your ass. And besides, natural disasters bring out the worst eating habits in people. Fear of flooding drove me to eat chocolate chip cookies and pasta for the better part of a week. Needless to say, I’m overdue for a jog and some circuit training.

I also haven’t stepped on a scale over the last week – not sure I want to go there at the moment. The good news is that  I don’t seem to have gained a lot of weight – maybe a pound total.

My biggest issue is that I’m starting to lose some of the tone I had started developing around my stomach and my thighs. And that’s no good. I’ll be resuming my workout tomorrow once I make it  back into the city. Here’s hoping I don’t have to relive my first two weeks all over again.