Life: Unboxed. 3 Weeks In and It’s Starting to Click

Boxing has never been something that had even entered my mind before starting training three weeks ago, but now that I’m almost a month in (though I swear it feels like a year) I think I’m starting to get the hang of it.

I was initially excited about training because I thought it would be a lesson in ass kicking – as someone who runs a content marketing agency and deals with clients on a daily basis, I generally feel the need to release a lot of pent up frustration. What I learned was that boxing is great for releasing pent up frustration, but not because you’re beating the shit out of a heavy bag – but because your trainer is beating the shit out of you. In retrospect, the idea behind Fight Club makes a lot more sense now.

So here we are, three weeks in, and I’ve decided to chronicle my experience online. I’m doing this for a few reasons: 1) I don’t see a lot of women at the boxing studio, and I think more women should learn about this sport; 2) my first training session was pretty intimidating and as an avid Googler, there wasn’t a lot of practical first-hand experience information online for people who are new to this; and 3) it’s sometimes hard to see the progress you’ve made, so I’m hoping that journaling my experience will give me a better perspective on the improvements I make each week.

Since I’m not starting this from Week 1, a recap is probably a good idea.

The first week of boxing was a reality check for me. Starting a new business almost two years ago after leaving the publishing industry did not bode well for my weight and overall health. When stressed, some people turn to exercise for  release; others turn to Family Guy re-runs and take-out. I was in that latter group. It’s funny when you get back into a fitness routine after taking a break from a while. You start out thinking you’re in much better shape than you really are, then you put on workout clothes and realize that Spandex no longer suits you, and then you have an utterly devastating workout that renders you immobile for two days and it finally hits – this is going to be fucking rough. That was my first boxing week in a nutshell.

Thankfully Weeks 2 and 3 have gone a bit more smoothly, but there have been a few bumps along the way. Since I was woefully out of shape, building up my endurance has been a big focus. That means lots of repetitions and sprints. And god, how I hate sprints. I should mention though, I ran for 10 minutes straight on the treadmill on Monday, and that was a small milestone for me, so hoorah.

I just started Week 4 and we’ve bumped up my hour long training sessions from three times a week to four and we’ve begun weekly weigh-ins. I have a five pound weight loss goal for this week, though that’s mostly to lose water weight, so here’s hoping I meet that by my follow-up weigh-in on Friday. Fingers crossed.