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Kwame’s Fighters: Cornelius Lock – Trains for ESPN Fight May 10


Cornelius Lock – Light Featherweight

Cornelius Lock is a Detroit native and veteran in the world of professional boxing. Standing 5’7” tall with a 73” reach, Cornelius is a force in the light featherweight division. He is a former WBO NABO Featherweight Champion and is currently 20-6-1, with 14 victories by knockout.

Currently, Cornelius “Lightning” Lock is training for his next bout back in The Motor City on May 10, 2013 (ESPN). This is a big fight for Cornelius and his first in a while, after taking a personal break from the sport.

He’s enlisted the best trainers and support team in the NYC-area to prepare for this fight. Kwame leads his conditioning and strength training and has been working with Cornelius day in and day out for months now. Kwame has designed a training program for Cornelius to increase his speed and agility. The training includes plyometrics, sprints, weights and agility drills combined with a special diet and rest regiment.

Kwame and Cornelius put it to the test May 10 at the Masonic Temple in Detroit on ESPN. Check it out!

What are you training for?

For more info on Cornelius’ record: BoxRec

5 iPhone Apps to Help Your Boxing

Boxing is as much about hard work and determination as it is technique and stamina. That’s why we think that it’s important to find inspiration and motivation for sticking to the sometimes grueling schedule of training. A great way to do that is with technology – namely, phone apps that make sticking to your routine and recording your progress quick, easy, and simple to do.

These 5 apps (some paid, some free) will help you improve your  boxing skills and stick to your schedule. Let us know if you use any others that we should be listing.


1. Boxing Timer


Boxing Timer is a quick and easy way to help you train without having to have an additional timer on hand. This app will time boxing rounds for your training or sparring sessions.


2. Boxing Trainer


Boxing Trainer is like your own personal boxing coach – but in digital format. Boxing Trainer creates custom workouts for you and provides 50 stretches and 13 technique video to help you get the most out of your workouts.


3. Boxing Lessons


Want to learn the basics of boxing, but don’t have the cash for one-on-one lessons? Boxing Lessons has a library of videos to help get you started on basic punching and jabbing techniques.


4. MyBoxing Trainer


MyBoxing Trainer offers a boxing timer and instructional videos, but it also offers customizable workout plans for any age and any goal. It focuses on not only boxing technique, but conditioning, circuit training, and drills.


5. Calorie Tracker


We all know that sticking to a smart diet is one of the most important aspects of training because boxing is so physically draining, it’s imperative to eat the right kinds of food that are going to give you energy and keep you lean. Calorie Tracker from LiveStrong makes it easy to do that on the go, which is ideal when you’re eating out.

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