Knockout Training

Boxing training is great for people interested in cross-fitness training because it focuses on sculpting, toning, and most importantly cardio. Our cardio training program is designed to make you look, feel and be great. Read below for a sample of one of our cardio training program.

 Sample Cardio Training Program

The Startup

20 personal coaching sessions

1st 5 sessions will include

• Stretching
• Cardio – breathing for endurance
• Beginning resistance for strengthening
• Footwork – balance
• Shoulder development

2nd 5 sessions will include
• Stretching for blood flow
• Leg exercises – definition
• Back development
• Abs workout
• Advance cardio

3rd 5 sessions
• Maximizing the workout by increasing reps
• Developing confidence through a higher degree of resistance training
• Mental toughness by not quitting
• Speed bag
• Learning balance by footwork in the ring while throwing punches

4th 5 sessions
• Exercises to balance the sculpture physic
• Light sparring
• Maximum cardio
• Stretching for ultimate flexibility
• Full body workout including cardio, footwork and balance


Before you begin a training program with 1 on 1 Knockout, you must sign the attached waiver.