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Life Unboxed: On to the Fun Stuff

It’s happened: my conditioning training has reached a level where I no longer feel completely exhausted after every training session and we’re focusing more on stance and getting ready to spar. And I’ve realized something: I love hitting things.

In fact, I feel more energetic when I’m in the ring taking shots and avoiding being knocked in the head by my trainer. My weight loss is happening at a much steadier pace – about a pound or two each week. It’s kind of amazing and it feels great to be making so much progress.

To date, I’ve lost around 12 pounds – give or take since I’ve also been building up a lot of muscle. And my reflexes have been getting sharper with all of our “in the ring” training.

A few things I’ve learned so far:

  • Sparring is a LOT more physically draining than it looks.
  • I can run a lot faster than I thought (happens when you’re afraid of flying off the back of a treadmill)
  • It’s impossible to box with nails – they’re got to go.

The best thing about boxing though, is that it doesn’t get boring. There’s always something new to do and try.

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